Первое метро, построенное SPARK, пересекает Желтую реку, освещая новый пробег

Первое метро, построенное SPARK, пересекает Желтую реку, освещая новый пробег

2019-03-11 09:27

    Недавно первая фаза первой в Китае "линии метро Ланьчжоу 1" под линией метро Yellow River вошла в заключительный критический период комплексного совместного теста отладки, который вот-вот начнется пробная эксплуатация. SPARK примет вас сперва для того чтобы оценить Шарм освещения светодиодного .



    Lanzhou Metro Line 1 has a total length of about 34KM. There are 24 stations in the whole line. The construction of the right-line tunnel from Yingmentan to Matan in the first phase of the project smoothly tunneled to the bank of the Yellow River on the south bank, becoming Chinese the first successful Subway tunnel project to go through the Yellow River.

    In terms of subway lighting, the procurement requirements of Lanzhou Metro Line 1 are quite strict. Spark has won the competition among many well-known domestic brand manufacturers for its achievements in the field of rail transit lighting, excellent product advantages and technology precipitation.


    According to the planning strategy requirements, design concept, platform characteristics and environmental requirements etc., and in response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, Spark carefully designed and provided high-quality subway LED lighting solutions for Lanzhou Metro Line 1, making the entire subway station bright,clean and beautiful, adding the Gansu elements and the Yellow River culture, highlighting the smooth beauty and showing unique charm.

    In the field of subway lighting, Spark has a leading position. The Shenzhen Metro Line 7 built by Spark is one of the major livelihood projects in Shenzhen in 2015. It is also the quality LED lighting project of Shenzhen Metro and won the “National Quality Engineering Gold Award”. Spark also won 4 national heavyweight awards, 124 provincial and ministerial awards, and 35 municipal awards.

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